Pulavs / Rice Varieties / One Pot Meals



Pulavs / Rice Varieties/ One Pot Meals.

  1. Simple Peas Pulav.
  2. Quick Cook Khichdi.
  3. Mushroom Peas & Carrot Pulav.
  4. 20 Minutes Pudina Rice.
  5. Delicious Tomato Rice with the twist.
  6. 20 Minutes Beans Rice.
  7. Amma`s Easy N Colorful Vegetable Rice.
  8. Bisi Bela Hulianna.
  9. Corriander Rice Pulav with Mixed Vegetables.
  10. Ready in a Jiffy Pulav – Quick Lunch Box Option.
  11. Delicious Alu Methi Pulav.
  12. Paneer Capsicum Rice.
  13. Aromatic Saffron Flavoured Spinach Rice.
  14. Simple Tiranga Pulav.
  15. Mushroom & Peas Pulav slow cooked in spicy tomato gravy.
  16. Broad Beans & Green Beans Kadai Pulav.
  17. Restaurant Style Indo Chinese Veggie Fried Rice.
  18. Chettinadu Mushroom Biriyani with a twist.
  19. Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biriyani – And not a drop of ghee!
  20. Millet Spinach Khichdi.
  21. Cabbage Rice – And you wont know its cabbage.


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