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Crunchy Coffee Cookies…..


There is nothing in this world that`s more comforting to me than curling up on my couch,and sipping my morning cuppa. It`s a moment of complete contentment..where the world stops still, and there`s nothing more eveident to me, other than the aroma of my “Madras Style Decoction Coffee”. My husband is a complete coffe lover and would love to have coffe, in the morning, before, after, and in between his meals too!!!   Mornings are not the same without them…In summers, we love to have our coffee outdoors n the patio, enjoying the cool breeze, watching the rising sun, birds flying unhurriedly, trees swinging softly in the breeze – It`s a reminder of another day that I am here in the world!!!

Taking coffee to cookies – well, thats something that I`ve always wanted to do…I had the original recipe of the eggless crisp  cookie  that I had stumbled upon by mistake when I was trying an eggless cake . So me thought – why not try this with coffee??? And here goes my experiment.


1/2 cup All Purpose Flour .

2-3  Tbsp Butter.

1/4 cup powdered sugar.

3 spoons of  Instant Coffee Powder. ( I used Great Value Arrabica Coffee Powder).

A pinch of baking soda.

A pinch of cinnamon powder. (Optional as many people don`t like the smell of cinnamon to overpower the flavour and aroma of pure coffee. Thats quite understandable though!!!)


  • Mix in the dry ingredients first – the all purpose flour, baking soda and the three spoons of coffee powder and set is aside.
  • Preheat the oven to 350F.
  • In a mixing bowl, firstly add the the butter which has to be at room temperature. Room temperature butter is always a sure shot winner. Else if the cookie making was not preplanned, slightly warm the butter in the microwave for just about 20 seconds.
  • To the butter, add the powdered sugar and cream it well. Use your hands if you dont have a hand blender. You will see that the sugar and butter create a creamy mixture.
  • To this creamy mixture, add the dry ingredients and knead well till you get a smooth ball. If you feel that the butter is not enough, add a wee bit of water to incorporate it all together.
  • Make little balls of around 1 inch only as they grow a lot in size  inside the oven. Flatten the balls in your palm and place them in a parchment paper lined cookie tray. Place them at least 2 inches apart to allow the balls to grow in size as they bake.


  • You could press in a little almond sliver or half a cashew.
  • Bake @ 350 F for 12-13 minutes depending on the power of the oven. This would approximately make 20 cookies.
  • Cool and eat crisp with steaming cups of coffee or tea…


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