Weekend Menu #4.

This weekend was a little crazy with spring cleaning and ice skating classes for S and this and that. I wanted to whip up something that my husband likes a lot and my choice this saturday was

Milagu Kuzhambu with little whole baby brinjals floating in it, 

Vazhakkai Fry, Nelikkai Oorga

curd rice.

This time I purposely did  not make any rasam as I was sure with Pepper Kuzhambu around,  S would hardly even look at rasam, let alone try it.


Weekend Menu #3 – Pathiya Samayal.

This weekend all of us were caught in a whirl of cold and cough and sneezing because of the quick weather change from the 50`s directly to the 80`s…It was also raining so I decided to stay in and make

Milagu Kuzhambu,

Tomato Rasam and

Paruppu Thogayal.

I also microwaved Appalam for around 30 seconds and it felt like having Sutta Appalam thats made by simply roasting a raw appalam over a flame sans the oil and the frying! Lunch was yummy!!!