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Banana & Chocolate Muffins with Choco Chips & Crunchy Rice Krispies!!!

In keeping with the speed of my never ending quest for variations of Eggless Muffins, today I decided to get a little more adventurous on the contents. I opened my pantry and wondered what to play around with??? Bananas..yes, of course, they are my egg substitues….Chocolates, oh yes, welcome any time….Choco chips. well…why not? I have had them lying in my pantry for months…and I was still missing something. My eyes fell on the box of Rice Krispies and I grabbed a handful. Krispies are always a pleasure to work with because I love the crunchiness that it attributes to whatever I add it to. It`s quite a surprising addition to many quick fixes with more surprising results.


1 cup All Purpose Flour.

3 Tbsp of Cocoa Powder.

Baking Soda – 1 Tsp.

Soft Brown Sugar – 3/4 cups not leveled.

1 Banana pureed in the mixer with 2 tsp of water/milk.

1/2 cup melted margarine.

3/4 cup Hot Water.

Handful of Rice Krispies.

Couple of Chocolate Chips.

1 Tsp Banana Essence / Vanilla Essence.


  • Measure out the required dry ingredients – the all purpose flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda and mix them in a bowl.
  • Preheat the oven to 350F.
  • Take a  muffin pan and grease it with baking spray or oil. Set aside.
  • Start with the wet ingredients  – In a mixing bowl, add melted margarine, banana puree, hot water, sugar, and banana/vanilla essence.
  • Mix slowly to incorporate these  ingredients together.
  • Add the dry ingredients little by little taking care not to whisk briskly as this might rob the batter of  air that is needed to give it sufficient sponginess.
  • Lastly add the chocolate chips and the rice krispies to the batter giving it a whisk.
  • Using a small ladle, dole out equal quantities on to the muffin pans. We do this so we get equal sized muffins.
  • Bake in the oven for around 15-17 minutes..Different ovens take different times based on the efficiency, voltage etc so keep a watch with the oven light on.
  • When you get browning on the top, and the time has crossed 15minutes, keep a close watch and turn off the oven when neeeded.
  • Enjoy delicious crunchy banana chocolate chip muffins.


Our home has expanded by two feet….

IMG_1914Of our darling princess, our second daughter….A baby does bring with it tremendous responsibilities and pressures, albeit very sweet and fulfilling. I will be on a short blogging break of course, nevertheless, less the good times flow.Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement and understanding.

See you all very soon.



The First time ever….

Last week was the first time ever that I actually tried my hand (literally) at the art of mehndi decoration!!!!  Henna has been used from the olden days as a natural coolant for the body. It stimulates blood circulation and its also used in the hair for conditioning the scalp and to restore body, bounce and colour. There was a reason why this was a  custom in our country.Mehndi/henna has always been something I loved since when I was a little girl. I remember we had this lovely Henna tree , growing with slender branches in my aunt`s home in Chennai. In the summer, we would patiently pick out all the leaves that were tender and fresh, and the maid would grind it for us, in the stone mill, and collect it in to a little ball and hand it over to Amma. Amma would wait for all of us to have dinner, finish the day`s household chores, ask us to change to dark clothes, so we would`nt stain our dresses with the dye in the henna.

All of us cousins would be extremely excited that it was going to be mehndi night. That meant that we were all going to sleep together in the living room, under the gentle breeze from the fan, stretched out lazily on straw mats. We could chat all night about the whole school year, about our friends, annual day functions, studies, excursions, music lessons, card games,latest books read,  anything and everything under the sun that had been kept untold throught the whole school year. Those were of course the days before the cell phones, e-mails and extreme telecom fixation. Cousins would take time off to write to each other and tell each other about their small and interesting lives…Mums would be happy and encourage the kids….It was a slower life, much more enjoyable, with hardly any time for TV or Nintendo…..And yes, those were the best days of my life….

My first Mehndi Application.
My first Mehndi Application.


These days as I watch the precision and creativity that has crept in to this beautiful art of mehndi application, there has always been a side of me that wanted to try it out. On my recent Chicago trip, I found a good brand of Mehndi at Patel`s and set about making my own little cone. I spliced a small Ziploc cover(1/2 Gallon) and split it in to two parts.  I rolled it in to a small cone, sealed it with cello tape and filled it with mehndi paste from the bigger cone. After removing all the air I gently sealed the edges with a thin rubber band. Splicing a teeny weeny hole in the end, my mini cone was ready for trial.  I opened my palm and allowed the lines to flow as they wished. With the right consistency of fresh paste and the right size of the aperture, the lines flowed, smooth and easy. It was far easier than holding an awkward store bought cone and trying to be creative. I was happy with the results, at least with my maiden attempt. I also attempted on my daughter S and she loved it!!! It`s more of a longing now, to try and be better, more creative, better lines, better clarity and overall a highly satisfactory feeling. I know I have a long long way to go, but just the smile on my daughter`s face as I tucked her in that night….and  my day was made!!!

My little one`s hand decorated with Mehndi.
My little one`s hand decorated with Mehndi.

Weekend Menu #5.

This weekend was specially hectic as there were so  many things to do. I had to also use up all the remaining veggies in my refrigerator as my husband swore he would not replenish them until they were all done. Hence menu was planned based on what was leftover, which incidentally was what he liked!!!


Weekend Menu #4.

This weekend was a little crazy with spring cleaning and ice skating classes for S and this and that. I wanted to whip up something that my husband likes a lot and my choice this saturday was

Milagu Kuzhambu with little whole baby brinjals floating in it, 

Vazhakkai Fry, Nelikkai Oorga

curd rice.

This time I purposely did  not make any rasam as I was sure with Pepper Kuzhambu around,  S would hardly even look at rasam, let alone try it.


Weekend Menu #3 – Pathiya Samayal.

This weekend all of us were caught in a whirl of cold and cough and sneezing because of the quick weather change from the 50`s directly to the 80`s…It was also raining so I decided to stay in and make

Milagu Kuzhambu,

Tomato Rasam and

Paruppu Thogayal.

I also microwaved Appalam for around 30 seconds and it felt like having Sutta Appalam thats made by simply roasting a raw appalam over a flame sans the oil and the frying! Lunch was yummy!!!