Our home has expanded by two feet….

IMG_1914Of our darling princess, our second daughter….A baby does bring with it tremendous responsibilities and pressures, albeit very sweet and fulfilling. I will be on a short blogging break of course, nevertheless, less the good times flow.Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement and understanding.

See you all very soon.


13 thoughts on “Our home has expanded by two feet….

  1. Oh cho chweet!!! Congratulations!!! I sure would miss your blogging…but this is an amazing news…Enjoy your time with your lil princess!!!

  2. Hi Shobha,

    Just saw the two little feet of your little Princess !

    So you would be celebrating her first birthday soon, I guess, when is her birthday ?

    Children bring in so much happiness to our lives, isn’t it ! Do share with us a greatly treasured secret recipe in celebration of that grand day, what say πŸ™‚

    Warm Regards,


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