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Quick Fix Paneer Capsicum Rice. (For those instant night dinners and easy fix lunches!)

Quick Fix Paneer Capsicum Rice.
Quick Fix Paneer Capsicum Rice.

Many times, the menu for dinner or lunch is completely directed by the ingredients in the pantry. Most vegetables are bought from the store, with a particular preparation in mind, and most of the times, never really gets in to the Most Wanted Dish!!!  I would have selected fresh spring onions to make spring rolls or chinese noodles, but end up using them in soup instead, or even a kootu!!! Pudina would have been carefully selected, wrapped and stored to make spicy pudina rice, but could conveniently end up becoming a side dish in the form of Pudina Chutney for Dosa or Idlis!!! Last week I had got fresh capsicums to make Capsicum Subji that my husband loves, but ended up in a one pot dish for this Quick Fix Paneer Capsicum Rice!!!


1 1/2 Cups of Fragrant Basmati Rice cooked with 3 cups of water.

2 Fresh Capsicums sliced thin.

1/3 cup of Panner Cubes .

1 spoon of Ghee.

A Pinch of Garam Masala.


1 spoon of Somph/ Shahi Jeera.

8 Green Chillies slit vertically.

1/2 Spoon of Jeera

1 0r 2 Bay Leaves.

4 Cloves.

A few Broken Cashew Halves.

Curry Leaves.


  • Take a wide mouthed kadai and add 2 spoons of ghee. Allow to heat.
  • Add the seasonings one by one – Cloves, Shahi Jeera, Jeera, Cashews, slit green chillies and curry leaves. Allow to saute for a few minutes and for the aromas to waft. This is important as at this point the spice of the chillies sink in to the oil.
  • Add the chopped capsicum pieces and mix in well with the seasonings. Add sufficient salt for the capsicum.
  • Keep the cooked rice spread out on a plate so it removes the starchiness from them.
  • In a few minutes the capsicum begins to sweat and reduce in size and quantity.
  • Add the cooked rice, salt for the rice, a pinch of your favourite garam masala and mix in well.
  • Now at this stage, add the chopped paneer and finish up the rice by adding a garnish of chopped cilantro.
  • This rice preparation is very simple and very flavourful as the main aroma comes from the seasonings and the chillies.
  • Serve with simple Onion Raita or Dal Makhani.


  • Peas can be added for more nutrition and taste.
  • Onions can be sauted too for added flavour.