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Make your own Panneer Soda at home!!!

Anybody who has lived in Tamil Nadu would know what I mean by Panneer Soda. Its a very sketchy colloquial usage of a sweetened carbonated  drink mingled with the aroma and essence of rose. On a hot thirsty day in Madras I would anyday wash my parched throat with Panner Soda than any Pepsi or Coke or Fanta. Memories of this drink are etched in my memory all through my childhood. My days of post graduation at Madurai were filled with memories of Maggi in the nights during long periods of study, steaming hot Idlis from the idli kadai near my hostel, Chilli Parotta from Hotel Guruprasad and Hotel Anna Meenakshi in downtown Madurai, very close to the bus stand. Hot afternoons would always nearly be endured with cold Mapillai Vinayagar Panneer Soda which was available for a rupee in any “potti kadai” !!!

                                                                               – Image Courtesy – Fitz`s.

In my recent trip back home, I took  on every opportunity to have this drink, but hardly had any time.  I was craving for panner soda last weekend and TH bought this little crate of Premium Fitzs Cream Sodawhich is locally made. Normally the cane soda varieties have saccharin which is an artificial sweetner but this particular brand has sweetening from cane sugar. Many times  I am of the opinion that real cane sugar is better that so many chemical based artificial sweetners. This is how I made my own Panneer Soda at home! It was almost like back home….as if I were standing in a crowded bus stand, under the hot summer sun, sipping ice cool pannneer soda and quenching one`s thirst!


1 Bottle of Fitzs Premium Cream Soda.

A few drops of Rose Essence.


  • Take a bottle of chilled Premium FItzs Cream Soda and add a few drops of edible Rose essence.
  • Give it  a quick spin and mix with the stirrer or a straw.
  • Drink in and enjoy refreshing Panner Soda at home!
  • It`s very addictive so don`t tell me I didnt warn ya!
  • Try this easy quick drink at home, on a thirsty day and relive memories of back home!!!

9 thoughts on “Make your own Panneer Soda at home!!!

  1. hmmm… want to drink the saccharine infused original onlee.. that too one with a Goli inside which the shopkeeper will pop right before you… onlee thing left to us to do is to chug it down… glug glug glug…

  2. I’m commenting on this exactly after one year of you posting it… Paneer soda is an all time favourite and it still scores over all the videshi drinks…

  3. kalimark is selling this soda in a pet bottle for Rs.15.enjoy.recently went to trichy and got 20 pet bottles from there.

  4. @ Mr Krishnan

    I love having Bovonto whenever I come to India. Enjoy your loot!!!


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