Poriyals / Kootu Varieties.

Cabbage & Peas Poriyal.

Cabbage & Peas Poriyal
Cabbage & Peas Poriyal

Cabbage,as a vegetable  is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It also contains significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and an excellent source of dietary fibre. Cabbage as a vegetable was very common in my household. Probably thats why I was not a great fan of it. To make it a little more interesting my mami would add peas to the cabbage liberally. I am posting this as part of “Everyday Samayal”.


Cabbage          –  1/2 sliced and chopped in to small pieces.

Peas                   –  1/4 cup.

Coconut           – 2 spoons

Green Chilli    – 1 or 2

Salt, Hing.


Urad Dhal, Mustard, Curry Leaves.


  • Place a kadai on the stove. Add 2 spoons of oil and when warm, slowly add urad dhal.  When it starts to brown, add the mustard and curry leaves.
  • Slowly add the cabbage and the peas and stir in well. Add salt, hing.
  • Cover and cook for ten mins or as long as the cabbage is well cooked.
  • Quickly pulse in the mixer 2 green chillis and coconut.
  • Add to the cabbage and mix in well.
  • Serve HOT with Drumstick sambar or Pavakkai Pitlae.