Life Outside…

This morning was a little choatic after a lovely day home with my daughter yesterday as the schools here were closed on account of snow. Its always a little more difficult when you get a day off from daily routine, during the midweek….Anyways, S showered and dressed and grudgingly drank up her Ragimalt.  She does have a bone with the Ragimalt drink. She wants Bournvita every single tme she drinks her milk!!!

Outside my patio...
Outside my patio...

When dad and daughter left for school, I stole a minute to go to the patio to drink in the beauty of the morning. Still, around me, not even a whisper of wind…White..Even the lake ahead of my patio, had some how gotten drawn in to the cold of the morning and frozen!  Lovely moment, me and the white of the snow. …Should I take a walk there? I was wildly contemplating, when S called to say that schools were closed and they were on the way home…oh well…its another day !

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