At a loss for words???

My little one, S, was watching me empty the clothes out from the washer to the dryer – a mundane scene from everyday at home…and she suddenly wanted to know “Where is the gift that Shruti didi gifted you, on  your b`day?

I, for one, had no clue what Shruti had gifted to me on my bday that had happened in April..she was desperately trying to remind me some thing that was easily on top of her head …

“It was a glass tumbler with chop-sticks” , she said…Now she really had be flummoxed…I could`nt for the life of me imagine why Shruti would give me a glass tumbler that too filled with chopsticks…She was really at a loss for words now…She desperately wanted me to remember..”It makes the room smell nice”, she twitted in…Then it struck me in a flash!!! Shruti had gifted me a lovely Lavender flavoured reed diffuser!!!!!

3 thoughts on “At a loss for words???

  1. he he he , tumbler with chop sticks .. sweet sneha 🙂
    i can imagine her puzzled face too .. well u still have that diffuser ?

  2. hi shobs it’s marvellous from traditional to modern items like pastry… great job.. my favourite pidikozhukatai… will try some recipes from ur site and later tell u the feedback…

    great job… keep going….

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