Side Dishes for Rotis/Dosas/ Naan.

Alu Rassewale.

Alu Rassewale simply means the gravy form of the humble potatoes. .This original recipe was given to me by my good friend Ritu. She had called all of us home one morning for a Kanya Pooja and had made like 60 of the softest puris you have ever eaten and this amazing Alu Rassewale to go with it.  What struck me most about the dish was its simplicity and ease of preparation. Also,  this has no onions so it could be had on any day which makes it  an instant hit..And of course, between you and me, all of us are a little partial to any dish with potatoes…and this one was no exception. I had asked Ritu to come home one day and show me how to do it , as she does not believe in the measures and methods rule…She looks at  the numbers of potates, and the rest simply happens. My proportions are simply an approximation of what it could have been.


3 or 4 medium to big Potatoes.(Boiled and mashed to 1 inch sized chunks)

4 medium sized Tomatoes chopped in to small pieces.

1 cup Water.

Turmeric a  pinch.

1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder

1 Tsp Dhania Powder.

1/4 Tsp Garam Masala

1 Tsp Salt

Curry Leaves, Oil,Jeera to season.


  • Mix all the powders (turmeric,red chilli powder, dhania powder, garam masala powder and salt) in a little container and add 1/8 cup of water and dole it in to a paste.
  • Pour oil in a kadai, allow it to get hot, add jeera and curry leaves and immediately add the paste.
  • Allow 2-3 seconds for the paste to cook in the oil and add the chopped tomatoes and allow to cook till mushy.
  • Add the mashed potatoes and mix in the required salt as well. You may want to moderate the salt as we have already added a spoon with the powders.
  • Let this curry cook for a few minutes and now add a cup of water and allow to simmer for a good ten minutes.
  • Switch off the stove and garnish with chopped corrainder.
  • Serve HOT with puris or parathas.


11 thoughts on “Alu Rassewale.

  1. Even though its the usual spices in the recpie, the way its cooked makes it unique. Liked the way of making a paste of the masalas. Shall try it next time.

  2. Thanks jayasree. The credit goes to my friend. simple but a very tasty recipe…try it and please tell me if you liked it. thanks so much.

  3. That looks yum, no onion? makes life much simpler:) Thanks for sharing. Looks like ur husband has been feasting recently, ha ha

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