Pickles & Thokku.

Manga Oorgai (Quick Mango Pickle.)

Mangaa Curry.
Mangaa Curry.

All my childhood summers, were spent in my grandmother`s home in madras, where all our cousins would meet up and have such a blast.Of course, those were the days of no tv, no mega serials and no countdowns, but we would be allowed to read a lot of novels, play chess and scrabble, make believe” games, hide and seek and the like. Mangoes are an essential part of Madras summers in all their forms. We would be busy grating mangoes to help make “Mango Thokku” which is a pickled form of raw grated mangoes. Then we would get the small baby mangoes called “Vadu Manga” and madurai amma would soak them in salty brine and preserve them for us to eat all year long. This Manga Curry is a quick one to two day use of raw mangoes to go with “Curd Rice”.


Raw Mango          – 1 chopped in to fine pieces.

Salt                          – 1 spoon

Turmeric               – A pinch.

Chilli Powder      – 1 spoon heaped.

Hing                        – A pinch.


Oil, Mustard,Hing,Curry Leaves.


  • Take the finely chopped mangoes preferably  in a ceramic/glass container.
  • Add the turmeric,salt, red chilli powder and hing.
  • Keep a Tadka ladle on the stove, add 1 spoon of gingely oil.
  • When the oil is hot, add mustard, hing and curry leaves and pour it on the mangoes, when its spluttering.
  • Mix well and enjoy the aroma of the mango pickle.
  • Enjoy with Curd Rice.

8 thoughts on “Manga Oorgai (Quick Mango Pickle.)

  1. tried out & sollanuma result-a…as usual YUMMY dhan!!!!

    it reminded me of our weddings where we will be served this dish with a teaspoon…

    now i had it to my satisfacion…

  2. Tangy mangoes are always a treat in any form:-) We make quite a similar one but we avoid the seasoning. Instead we put ‘Menti Podi’ which is a fine ground powder of dry roasted methi seeds and add jaggery for sweetness and pour 2 tsp of hot oil so all the ingredients are mixed well. Also leave it for a day or so and it tastes heavenly with pappu or curd rice. WOW!! I want to eat it right at this moment 😦

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