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Cracked Wheat & Oats Instant Idlis.


Cracked Wheat & Oats Idlis.

In my constant endeavour to find meals that are low in calories but on the other hand rich in protein and fiber, I picked out this packet of cracket wheat from the global store I regularly visit.  I did not pick out the Indian brand but from the meditteranean brand “Sadaf” which brings out this good quality cracked wheat. They are number 1, 2 and 3 based on the coarseness of the wheat grain. I bought no 2 as I did not want the grain to be far too fine and refined, or too big to bite. I am aware that cracked wheat is an excellent source of  nutrition and fiber and so I wasted no time there.

What is Cracked Wheat???

Cracked Wheat is a wheat product made from whole raw wheat kernels which are crushed or cut into smaller pieces. There are a large number of uses for cracked wheat, and the food makes a popular dietary supplement  in many cultures. Many grocery stores carry cracked wheat, which should be stored in a cool dry place until use so that it does not go rancid. If not used within one year, cracked wheat should be discarded.

Because cracked wheat is made from whole wheat berries, it carries a great deal of nutrition and fiber since it includes the fiber and nutrient rich outer bran and germ of the wheat. For this reason, it is often added to healthy diets, especially those eaten by people who are concerned about heart / diabetic health. Other whole cracked grains may be used as well, for variation in flavor and nutrition.


1 cup Coarse Cracked wheat

1 cup Steel Rolled Oats  oats.

1 Medium Carrot grated fine.

2 Tbsp Dry Coconut.

Salt to taste.


2 Cups Sour Buttermilk. (PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW)

Finely Chopped Cilantro.

1 Tsp Baking Soda.



Curry Leaves.


Cashew Pieces.

2 Tsp Bengal Gram.

2 Tsp Peanuts.


  • Take a dry kadai and dry roast the rolled oats until  you get the pleasant aroma.  Place in a large mixer.
  • In the same kadai, dry roast the cracked wheat for 3-4 minutes and add to the mixer. Pulse for a few seconds. Measure it and you will find it comes to almost the same two cups you started off with.
  • Take a wide mouthed vessel and add the pulsed powder.
  • Add finely grated carrot, finely chopped cilantro, salt, hing, baking soda, dry coconut and mix it lightly.
  • In a seasoning kadai, add 1-2 tsp oil and when its hot, add cashew, peanuts, bengal gram, mustard and then the curry leaves.
  • Allow the seeds to cackle and add it to the bowl.
  • Now add the 2 cups of sour buttermilk little by little and mix it in.
  • It should come to a slightly runny consistency but not too much. Adjust the quantity of fluid for the desired consistency.
  • Allow it to sit for 10 – 20 minutes. By now, the cracked wheat and the oats, absorb the water and it becomes slightly hard.

  • Grease the idli plates and just before spooning it on to the idli moulds, dilute the batter with a little water and then pour on to the plates.
  • Steam for about 10-12  minutes and remove and store in the casserole to serve HOT with Andhra Tomato Till Chutney.



  • I use good quality steel rolled or old fashioned oats from Whole Foods. You would probably not great results from quick cooking oats etc from stores like Walmart etc. I have seen that the oats from Walmart etc crumble very easily and dont hold on to their texture.
  • My cracked wheat is SADAF brand of coarseness 2 from an international foods store. SADAF  is pretty much available in all leading indian stores.
  • Secondly moderate the amount of buttermilk and keep the batter just as thick as idli batter and NOT runny. If your cracked wheat and oats take only 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk, you dont have to add the 2 cups. Please watch the consistency and keep it thick, if you find its too thick, you can always add a few tablespoons of buttermilk jst before adding to the idli plates.


18 thoughts on “Cracked Wheat & Oats Instant Idlis.

  1. Shoba – this is a wonderful recipe. And I ran to the pantry to see if I had all the ingredients. This is what I’m going to make for dinner tonight. Thank you for solving one of my life’s biggest questions – “what’s for dinner??”

    We normally make Upma with cracked wheat and I love to eat that with nothing but just a little sugar! 🙂

    Will let you know how mine turns out today!

  2. Hey Shoba

    I tried this over the weekend. First I did not get the right colour like you picture, next it kind of took longer to cook. I usually cook normal rava idli for 15 minutes. It look longer time and it was kind of sticky. Do let me know where I went wrong. But taste was absolutely nice.

  3. Thank you for great healthy receipe. I tried with Walmart one minute quaker oats only, came out really well…I guess you have to be careful with water consistency when using walmart oats. I added black pepper, jeera and some green chilles as per our taste. Keep coming with your healthy receipe, next my try is cracked wheat pidi kozhukattai..

  4. Can you please clarify whether it is steel cut oats or rolled oats. THERE is no such item like steel rolled oats. thanks

  5. I tried it with quaker quick oats,it came out really well just like your picture and the taste was also great.I had to make less pulse for the cracked wheat and oats mixture because the oats tend to crumble faster.Thanks for the recipe.

  6. @ Tafreen,

    This batter has a lot of delicate ingredients – Like curd…If you omit the buttermilk/curd also it might get spoilt if you allow it to ferment overnight…The nature of the ingredients itseld doesnt allow for overnight fermentation…you need a medium…urad flour has that property…not plain rava. Thanks.

  7. @ Tafreen,
    You are welcome. Please leave your comments after you try them out or even better, find me on facebook,,,just search for Anubhavati or find the link in the sidebar on my website.

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