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Chettinad Onion Tomato Thokku – 5 Ingredients – 5 Steps!


Chettinad Onion Tomato Thokku

Its always a pleasure to cook with tomatoes as I love its versatility. From pasta sauces, to salsas, to pickles, to rasams,  and a strong base for so many gravies, tomatoes are a wonderful fruit. Rich in “Lycopene” there are loads of research linking Lycopene to anti cancer properties. This carotenoid found in tomatoes (and everything made from them) has been extensively studied for its antioxidant and cancer-preventing properties. The antioxidant function of lycopene-its ability to help protect cells and other structures in the body from oxygen damage-has been linked in human research to the protection of DNA. Rich in anti-oxidant properties and good for your heart and an excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

This amazing onion tomato thokku was borne out an accident in my kitchen!!! Instead of adding “Rasam Powder” to my rasam which was in one stove, I added it to the kadai roasting onions and tomatoes for my chutney. The result was super yum and terrific!!!


1 Onion chopped.

3 Medium Tomatoes diced.

4 Dry Red Chillies.

5-6 Curry Leaves.


1 Tsp Rasam Powder.


Mustard Seeds, Broken Urad Dhal Seeds, Curry Leaves.


  • Heat oil in a kadai and when ready, add red chillies, curry leaves and the onions.
  • Saute well and then add the diced tomatoes and the 1  tsp of your favourite rasam powder  and cook until mushy.
  • Cool and grind the above ingredients in a mixer , adding required salt . Use little or no water. Set aside.
  • In the same kadai add seasoning ingredients – Mustard seeds, Broken Urad Dhal seeds and curry leaves and add the ground paste.
  • Saute until the oil seperates from the thokku and store in a glass jar. Use as chutney or pickle whichever suits you best!

Serves as an excellent side for Plain Dosa, Oats Idlis, Cracked Wheat Khichdi, Adai or even delicious curd rice. Give me thick curd rice and this pickle any day!


Dosa with Chettinad Onion Tomato Thokku


  • The ground paste itself serves as a quick chutney as its already made with roasted ingredients. Sauteing it in the oil again simply pulls out all the moisture and gives it a longer shelf life.
  • Alternatively add a handful of chopped corriander for an even better taste completely different from what you get here. But you know me, I love my tomatoes any day!
  • Similarly add  a bunch of diced mint leaves for a totally new avatar of this chutney.

17 thoughts on “Chettinad Onion Tomato Thokku – 5 Ingredients – 5 Steps!

  1. Hi shoba,
    Thakkali thokku and rasam powder,well who could have imagined that?And we do feel mighty happy when the whole slip turns out really yum right?Am going to try this out, me tomato fan too!

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