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The best brownies ever – A brownie recipe you cant go wrong with!!!

The Best Brownies Ever!!!!

There is always a search for the best recipes for all of our favorites – Hyderbadi Biriyani, restaurant style Veg Pulav, Fried Rice, or a favorite sweet….my search was for the best brownie recipe ever. …It has to be simple , measurable, chewy, moist , yet slightly crusty and finally EASY!!! This recipe is borne out of multiple research attempts out of so many recipes over a few months. One video on Youtube helped my immensely with the procedure. One pot over a stove!!! and the rest fell in place…Try it and there is really no looking back….6 Basic ingredients, one pot over a stove, and 30 minutes in the oven!!! Go ahead and give it a try and the best brownies made at home,  would never be store bought again!!! The next search is for the best eggless brownie recipe ever!!!!

Level : Easy.

Time Taken : Under 45 minutes.

Makes : 16 Medium Sized Brownies.


1 1/2  Sticks of butter (3/4 Cup).

2/3 Cup Cocoa.

1 2/3 Cup Sugar.

1/4 Tsp Salt.

2 Eggs at room temperature.

1 Tsp Oil.

1 Tsp Vanilla Essence.

1 Cup All Purpose Flour.

1/3 Cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips ( Could be substitued for any good quality chocolate).


The best part of this batter preparation is that its completely fool proof AND its all done in one go – one vessel over the stove, a whisk and some measuring and adding!

  • Take a deep dish with a strong base, and add the 1 1/2 sticks of butter to it. Place a whisk in to the dish and allow the butter to  melt slowly on low flame.
  • Meanwhile butter an oven proof dish and preheat the oven to 350F/180C.
  • Lay out all your ingredients in an assembly line  on the counter so you can reach to them when they are needed.
  • Measure out the 2/3 Cup of cocoa powder and slowly dunk it in to the melted butter.
  • The cocoa laps up the butter happily and glistens.

  • Continue whisking and add the 1 2/3 Cup pf Sugar, and the 1/4 tsp of salt.
  • Whisk and at this stage it gets a little gritty with the sugar crystals. Keep going!
  • Add the eggs one at a time and whisk them in. This stage gives the brownie batter all the body it needs. You are still on low flame so make sure you keep whisking.

  • Flavour the brownie with the vanilla essence and mix it all in.
  • Now measure out exactly 1 cup of flour and add it to the pot. Slowly fold the flour it to the silky batter.
  • At the last stage add the 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and let them melt in.

  • You are left with soft silky brownie batter. Pour this in to the  oven proof tray and smoothen.
  • Bake for 30 – 35 minutes. Allow the brownies to cool considerably and then cut them in to little squares.
  • Transfer to an air tight cannister and enjoy soft, chewy brownies again and again!


  1. You can line the oven proof dish with parchment paper to cut down on the mess and the grease! Simply topple it upside down when the brownie cools and cut them in to desired shapes!
  2. Keeping the flame on LOW is very important to the whole procedure.  Baking is a science, and and art, and rules must be followed else you would be left with chocolate omlettes!
  3. The baking time largely depends on the make of the OTG oven, temperature fluctuations, size of the oven, nad of course, the quantity of the brownies made! If you have doubled this recipe, time taken would definitely be more.
  4. Try these delicious brownies and let me know your reflections, observations and any suggestions!!!


18 thoughts on “The best brownies ever – A brownie recipe you cant go wrong with!!!

  1. The brownies look so good that i am tempted to overlook that it uses eggs.
    Looks like one will be so tempted to dip the finger in the butter+cocoa mass and forget to do the further steps!

  2. yummy!!!!!!!!! unfortunately these are not eggless:(:( hope u succeed in ur search for the best EGGLESS brownie ever!!!!!!:):):) am waiting!!!!!

  3. Oh I love these, I must try the recipe! I have a question, I have a bar of baking chocolate at home… begging nirvana, but no cocoa powder, can I just the bar in place of powder?

  4. Hi Cookatheart,

    I am guessing you can definitely use the baking chocolate. Let me know how it turns out.


  5. Hi shobha
    Tried these brownies today n OMG my whole house smells divine .
    Tastes very nice but 30mins at 350 C made them quite hard and little burnt from the bottom and sides . My kids are going crazy on them .

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