Aval Laddoo / Poha Laddoo ( Beaten Rice Laddoo flavoured with cardamom and nuts.)


Deepavali, is one of the most important festivals all over India and every community have a different way of celebrating the festival of lights. It signifies new beginnings for many in the northern part of India. In the southern part, Deepavali is celebration, new clothes and of course so many many varieties of sweets and savouries. Families make sweets and share it among their friends and relatives. I always make Madras Mixture as its a family favourite.  Boondhi Laddoo, Jangiri, Badushah , Kaju Katli, Badam Halwa and Gulab Jamuns almost always figure on our list to make for Deepavali. This time I am adding a very simple easy sweet thats super easy and quick to make. It`s a great idea to make it for potlucks and dinner gatherings during Deepavali.


1 Cup Beaten Rice/ Poha/ Aval Thick.

1/2 Cup Sugar.

2 Tbsp Broken Cashews.

2 Tbsp Pistachios.

6-7 Cardamom Pods.

1/4 Cup Tuitti Fruiti.

To Fry:

1/4 – 1/3 Cup Melted Ghee.

6-8 Dried Raisins.

4-5  cashews broken in to small pieces.


  • Measure out the poha and make sure it has no impurities. These days packaged Poha comes quite clean and without much impurities.
  • Dry roast the poha for a few minutes on medium low flame until the poha turns a dull golden colour. Allow to cool.
  • Add sugar, cardamom seeds, cashew, and pistachios and grind to a powder. Transfer to a bowl.
  • Powder the roasted poha finely  and add to the bowl.
  • Add the tuitty fruity and the raisins to the ground powder.
  • The powder would smell heavenly because of the addition of cardamom seeds.
  • Add melted ghee to the ground powder and shape in to balls.
  • Add a few drops of ghee to your hand to help shape the balls.
  • Do not add too many raisins and cashews as this might make shaping the laddoos difficult.
  • Easy Aval Laddoos can be made in a flash and they are very delicious.


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