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Easy & Healthy Vazhakkai Fry.

Vazhakkai Fry
Vazhakkai Fry

The lowly vazhakkai was always a favourite vegetable for me although my mom was never such a great fan of it. I always saw how versatile this vegetable was….One could make it in to a fry, at home we always make simple “mozhukkuperatti” where its simply cooked, seasoned with mustard and curry leaves and smothered with coconut oil, use vazhakkai to make yummy “Thiruvadharai Upperi”, Vazhakkai Podimas and of course the easy Vazhakkai Chips on the slicer. I love all the forms of making this green plantain. I particularly prefer the malabar variety I guess for reason that I am used to it. I usually do not pick up the elongated variety thats available in the Indian stores.

This Vazhakkai fry is both easy and healthy as I precook it in a little water for a few minutes before actually sauteing it in the kadai to make a fry.This way, I lessen the total cooking time and also save on using a lof of oil, without compromising on taste…which I am sure you will agree once you try it too.


2 Green Raw Bananas or Vazhakkai.

1/2 spoon of tamarind paste (OR) i cup of diluted tamarind water.



1 spoon of Red Chilli Powder.

Salt as required



  • Peel the raw bananas  and slice them vertically so they split in to two long halves. Now slice each half in to thin slices. Thin slices means easy cooking and less oil.
  • Put the chopped slices of raw bananans  in a bowl containing a cup of tamarind water. Sprinkle a little salt and place on the stove for about ten minutes till they are half cooked. The time is only an indication, and might vary according to the vessel, gas/electric stove etc. The sliced pieces need to be a little cooked yet firm.
  • Drain the water and set aside. Now take the kadai and add 2-3 spoons of oil.
  • Add mustard, urad dhal and curry leaves and when mustard splutters, add the semi cooked vazhakkai slices.
  • Add hing, salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and stir well.
  • Keep the flame on medium and constantly stir so it does not stick to the bottom and blacken.
  • When well roasted switch off and serve hot.

Weekend Menu #4.

This weekend was a little crazy with spring cleaning and ice skating classes for S and this and that. I wanted to whip up something that my husband likes a lot and my choice this saturday was

Milagu Kuzhambu with little whole baby brinjals floating in it, 

Vazhakkai Fry, Nelikkai Oorga

curd rice.

This time I purposely did  not make any rasam as I was sure with Pepper Kuzhambu around,  S would hardly even look at rasam, let alone try it.