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Bangalore Iyengar Bakery Style Tutty Fruity & Coconut Dilpasands. (Puff Pastry Sheets filled with sweet coconut and tutty fruitty and everything thats nice!)

All my childhood memories of snacks simply bounce back to Bangalore Iyengar Bakery and their sweet smelling Dilpasands chok filled with crunchy coconuts flakes and tutty fruity, redolant with the aroma of a tingling cardamom and sugar and everything sweet. Whenever we had a slice of Dilpasands, we would be transported to heaven and back!  Every summer, when all my cousins would meet at my grandmother`s home in Madras, special occasions would come by when an aunt or uncle went shopping to R/Street and an unwritten rule would be to buy the Iyengar Dilpasands for the kids at home. Biting in to the crunchy flaky dilpasands and tasting coconuts, tutty fruity at once, would bring forth a burst of sweetness in the mouths and our days were made.

Recently I had really started craving for this Iyengar Dosa, as we would call it back then!! As I was in the baking aisle yesterday at the grocers, I saw the coconut flakes and tutty fruity and bulbs flashed in all directions. I grabbed them and I already knew I had puff pastries in the freezer at home. I decided to put an end to my craving once and for all…I also got some direction from here for this…


2 Puff Pastry Sheets thawed.

1 cup tuitty fruity.

1 cup Sweetened Coconut Flakes. (Please increase the measurement of sugar to 1/2 cup if using regular fresh coconut).

1/4 cup Fresh Grated Coconut.

1/4  cup Brown Sugar.

1/4 cup Water.

1 Tsp Crushed Cardamom.

Melted Butter for brushing the puff pastry sheets.


  • In a sauce pan add the 1/4 cup water and add brown sugar and allow to melt completely for a couple of seconds.  Switch off the flame and add crushed cardamom, tuitty fruity  and all the coconut flakes.
  • Use a ladle and mix it all completely. The consistency would be a mixture that`s very lightly holding to each other, on account of the brown sugar.
  • Preheat the oven to 350F and butter the cookie tray. Set aside.

  • Flour the surface and open the thawed puff pastry sheets. Using a vessel, make a big circle on one sheet.
  • Make a slightly smaller circle on the other sheet. Use a sharp knife tip to make the circles. Save the corners.

  • Place the bigger circle on the buttered baking tray.  Using the melted butter, brush the pastry sheet. This would help the stuffing to stick to the sheet.
  • Spoon out the coconut-tuitty fruity filling on to the puff pastry sheet and gently spread it leaving a small border around the stuffing.

  • Now place the smaller sheet cut in to a circle over the stuffing and close the edges and seal them using the melted butter.
  • Brush the melted butter all over the top to help in baking to a lovely golden brown colour.

  • Using the remaining pieces, I made smaller little pockets of pastry holding the stuffing and sealed them.
  • The pastry sheet that I used to make the smaller circle, had a little more dough left on the corners. I collected them and kneaded them in to a firm ball.
  • Using my rolling pin, I rolled that in to a circle. Buttered the circle, spooned out the filling, brought the corners together and sealed it by pressing with a fork.
  • Once the oven is pre-heated, bake the Dilpasands at 350F for about 12-20 minutes depending on the strength of the oven.
  • When the dilpasands swell in size and bake to a golden colour, its time to take it out and cool it.
  • Enjoy the Sweet and aromatic Dilpasands which bring forth the flavour of coconuts and sweet somethings all in one  burst …..


  • With the leftover dough, use your imagination to fill it with savory fillings – Alu Mutter, Sandwich fillings, Cheese & Spinach fillings etc.
  • Using brown sugar makes the filling a little more dense because of the higher molasses content in the brown sugar . Also helps the filling to stay together.