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Creamy & Healthy Broccoli & Pea Soup.


When the evenings are cold and the nights turn out to be cold and frosty, its an awesome feeling to come in to the warmth of one`s home, put away the jackets and boots, and settle down to a bowl of piping hot soup. There is magic in soup. Boring vegetables somehow transform in to silky smooth colourful heart warming soups. This particular soup was a result of a quick search in the refrigerator pantry coinciding with remembering Harini`s post on her beautiful blog. The only thing I wanted was creamy soup and avocados did the trick! Try this awesome soup with or without avocados for Β a gratifying soup. With warm bread on the side, its a match made in heaven.


3 Cups Fresh Broccoli cleaned and stemmed.

3/4 Cup Green Peas.

1 Avocado.

4 Cups Veggie Stock or Water or Diluted Dal Water or Whey Water.

Sea Salt to taste.

1/2 Tsp Pepper Powder.

1 Lemon squeezed.

Crushed Pistachios or Walnuts.


  • Take a veggie steamer bowl and add the broccoli and peas to it. Filling a pot with water, cover and steam for a couple of minutes .
  • Puree the steamed broccoli, peas and one avocado with salt and the juice of one lemon with a little water/ stock in the blender.
  • Pour in to a wok and add the remaining water/stock and keep stirring until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Swirl and mix and serve in bowls with pepper powder and fresh creamΒ as needed.
  • I added a garnish of crushed pistachios for that added healthy crunch.
  • Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Creamy & Healthy Broccoli & Pea Soup.

  1. @ Nalini thanks for the lovey comments. Its just the regular cement floor!!! @@@


  2. @ Rosa,
    Its an honour to have you to visit my site. Thanks for the lovely comments.


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  4. Broccoli soup sounds so nutritious and tasty! I often make simple broccoli with tomatoes stir-fry…

    blog : global vegan fare

  5. Made this last night…came out pretty good…The avocado made a huge difference. It made the soup quite creamy. I did not even feel the need to add the extra cream:)

  6. @ Kripa,

    Glad that you liked it so much. I loved avocados a lot and I add it to brownies instead of oil!


  7. Hi Shoba, I tried this soup today. It was very good! Perfect for a cold snowy day like today πŸ™‚

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