12 Days of Christmas – Indian Style.

I realise that this post is a month late coming…but I could not contain myself till `09 Christmas to place it here.  My daughter`s school recital this year had all the teachers perform for 12 Days of Christmas….I guess its almost like a recount of the singer`s 12 days to christmas and what he/she  did…Typically, it`s all over Youtube modified to so many flavours…Indian, Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican and the like. My cousin S, showed this to me when I visited her during christmas and I fell for it. Here are the lyrics for the song and the link to this video itself!!! ENJOY!!!

On the ________ day of Christmas my true love gave to me –
01 A totally insufficent dowry
02 Two nosy in-laws
03 Three buttered chicken
04 Four Hare Krishnas
05 Five Indian gangs (5 minutes of fame on the 12th day)
06 Six IT graduates
07 Seven eleven workers
08 Eight Hollywood films
09 Nine telemarketers
10 Ten-minute yoga
11 Eleven-syllable names
12 Twelve cricket ball tamperers

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