Poriyals / Kootu Varieties.

Stuffed Yennai Kathirikkai – (Eggplant stuffed with ground masala and slow roasted in oil)


img_5133Stuffed Brinjal is a delicacy that has a hundred different methods of preparation – influenced by the culture and changes over the times. My mother in law is an expert in this delicacy and she would make it often when we visited home in Srirangam. My husband loves eggplants and specially this particular dish and relishes it ,when its lovingly made by his  mother.At his request, I learnt to make this dish from my mother in law. Over times, on account of lavish use of oil, I have concocted my own way of simplifying this dish to accommodate both counts of flavor and health. There are a number of little tips that are important for this delicacy to turn out the way its supposed to be presented. Care should be taken to buy fresh, tender, small  brinjals, and prepare it in its freshest form, to minimize the effort involved as well as the oil used in its preparation.Most of the cooking is finished in the microwave oven, so that saves a lot of time, makes it a lot more simpler, and reduces the oil used. My recent addition of the Calphalon Sear Pan with its super wide base and sear bottom halves the cooking time and makes it fuss free.

INGREDIENTS: 15 – 18 tender and fresh Brinjals.


Curry Leaves


Roast in oil:

4 Tsp Dhania

2 Tsp  Bengal Gram.

1 Tsp Toor Dhal

1 Tsp Pottu Kadalai  .

1 Tsp Peanuts.

6 – 7  Red Chillis

1/2 Tsp Salt

1 Tbsp Coconut

5- 7 Curry Leaves



  • Clean the brinjals, dry them and slit them in horizontally and vertically until you just reach the stalk.
  • Roast the captioned ingredients in oil and powder them finely in a mixer. The ground powder already has salt which will help to flavor the brinjals.
  • Spray the eggplants with oil spray/ (spread gingely oil ) and sprinkle salt over them.
  • When the  brinjals are cooled, stuff the powder inside the brinjals, and keep them closed again as if they were whole. Since they are sprayed with oil, the stuffing will stick to the sides of the brinjals.
  • Place inside a greased cooker and cook on HIGH for one whistle.


  • Take a wide mouthed pan, add oil, and season with mustard and curry leaves and slowly place the stuffed brinjals one by one,  in to the pan.img_5127
  • Cover and cook on low flame for about twenty minutes. Keep adding a spoon or two of oil, if you think its getting dry.
  • If needed sprinkle a few drops of water and cook until the brinjals are soft and cooked to perfection.
  • When one side of the brinjal gets seared, tip them over with a spoon so they cook uniformly.
  • When done switch off stove and serve HOT with Mango Kuzhambu or Chinna Vengaya Vathal Kuzhambu. 
  • IMG_1373

7 thoughts on “Stuffed Yennai Kathirikkai – (Eggplant stuffed with ground masala and slow roasted in oil)

  1. Hey, first time here, you have got a wonderful blog..Even my paternal grandma’s place is Srirangam. I love that place. Edhuvume eedagadhu Srirangathukku…

    Stuffed brinjal looks awesome..I will visit here often, am sure..

  2. All these days brinjal had been my least favorite.I use it only for gotsu or making pachadi..now with ur yennai kathirikai & podimas it has become my most favorite!!!

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