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Quick Cauliflower subzi.

Cauliflowers are always a welcome addition to any dish I make as cauliflowers are an excellent source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. I am a fiber freak and try to sneak in this element of our daily requirement in any dish I create. I also have this habit of immediately cleaning with salt water, drying and storing the florets in an air tight container, so I can scoop them and add them in to any dish I am making for the day. Cauliflowers are an excellent addition to any dry subzi preparation, mixed rices, bajjis, fillings and gravies. This is one of my entry for JFI Cauliflower hosted by Paajaka Recipes.

Cauliflower Subzi.
Cauliflower Subzi.


This is a quick and simple everyday recipe, known for its simplistic presentation and flavourful taste. A handful of peas could also be thrown in for added nutrition. It`s all about innovation in everyday cooking right???


Cauliflower:                 2 cups. (cleaned and chopped in to florets)


Besan                              1 spoon


Mustard, Broken Urad Dhal, Curry Leaves, Hing.

Roast in Oil and Powder:

Toor Dhal           – 2 spoons

Bengal Gram     – 2 spoons

Dhania                 –  2 spoons

Pottu Kadalai   –  1 spoon

Red Chillis         – 5


Curry Leaves


  • Before you start, pop the cauliflower in to the microwave for 3 minutes so its almost halfway cooked. There is no need to add water, as the inherent water content in the cauliflower helps it to cook.
  • Place the tava in the stove, pour a spoon of oil,season with mustard, urad dhal, curry leaves and hing and immediately add the cauliflower.
  • Add turneric and salt according to taste and allow to cook for 5 mins or so until the raw smell is gone.
  • Add the ground powder, sprinkle besan  and serve garnished with cilantro.
  • This subzi is quick and can be coupled with roti or rice. For added nutrition and colour, pop in peas or lilva beans.

5 thoughts on “Quick Cauliflower subzi.

  1. I make cauliflower stir fry but a bland version with matar and spiced up with the slightest bit of chat masala, and sometimes MDH tava masala. Liked your masala powder:). As for your query, I honestly feel your blog is already good, and looks like you already know the linking and event portion!

  2. Hi
    I tried this recipe. Unfortunately I found the dhania and dhal taste overpowering.

  3. Hi,

    I am sorry that you felt the smell overpowering….Please reduce the dhania and dhal accordingly. Alternately you can make the powder ahead, use the quantity you want, and store the rest in the fridge, in an air tight container to be used for later.

  4. i tried the recipe today with exact same measurements….i think i am used to and love the dhaniya seeds taste….the curry was delicious with rasam and rice…thanks…

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