Weekend Menu #5.

This weekend was specially hectic as there were so  many things to do. I had to also use up all the remaining veggies in my refrigerator as my husband swore he would not replenish them until they were all done. Hence menu was planned based on what was leftover, which incidentally was what he liked!!!

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Cool & Fun – Cotton Candy flavoured Sno-Cones.

Cotton Candy SnoCone
Cotton Candy SnoCone

This week was particularly hot and my daughter was yearning for her favourite Sno-Cones.Of couse she would`nt mind having it even on a cold winter day…but that’s a totally different story altogether. Last weekend when I had been to the store I picked out some colourful Sno-Cone serving cups.  It was in colourful plastic and it seemed to serve as a drinking /sipping cup for juices. I was waiting to use them and when S wanted a Sno Cone so I decided to have one for myself.

Sno-Cone Cups.
Sno-Cone Cups.


10 pieces of Ice .

Cotton Candy Flavouring.

Sno-Cone Cups.


  • Pop 10 -12 pieces in to the mixer and crush the ice and immediately drop it in to a glass or the Sno-Cone Cup.
  • Dash 4-5 spoons of Cotton Candy Syrup on to the crushed ice.
  • Enjoy while ice cold!!!!