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Sweet ‘N’ Sour Lemon Pickle.

Sweet `N` Sour Lemon Pickle.
Sweet `N` Sour Lemon Pickle.

This could hardly be called a pickle….its a pickle in the sense of the term that the lemons are preserved in brine or pickling liquid. It`s one that I gew up having. Whenver I felt nauseous, or on one of those days when you want to have easy simple lip smacking stuff, this pickle would alwas accompany my curd rice. It`s very easy and has many versions. This is my favourite version of the same. It`s one where there are no actual fixed measurements – Madurai amma would always use her hands and her measurements always came out perfect.


5 fresh lemons.

4  spoons of salt.

4  spoons of sugar.

2 spoons of raw jeera.


  • Wash all the lemons and dry them with a soft tissue.
  • Slice all the lemons in to cross sectional circles. Keep the slices as slim as possible.


  • Place them in a porcelain or corelle bowl which has a wide mouth. Save all the juice from the lemons as well as from the ends of the lemon.
  • Add the 4 spoons of salt and sugar and the jeera.
  • Mix carefully so that the lemons do not break. Keep closed and allow 2-3 days for the salt and sugar to soak in.
  • Taste and you should feel the salt and the sweetness from the sugar exploding in your mouth. Adjust by adding more salt or sugar if  you want.
  • Eat with curd rice or mix a little with diluted buttermilk and drink on those days when you have a tummy ache or an upset stomach!
  • Your kids will love this one!!!
Fresh juicy lemons - Always a favourite!!!
Fresh juicy lemons - Always a favourite!!!