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Mini Idlis in Sweet Curd – Kid Friendly Breakfast Options.

As a kid, I remember I would simply hate having Idlis for breakfast. In my opinion an Idli is simply a blob of plain dough steamed , with no inherent taste of its own. Ocassionally, I would force one or two down my throat by smothering them with sugar and ghee. As a teenager, my childhood preferences was still fresh in my mind and Idlis simply eluded me!!!  A year in to hostel life, and I was yearning for home made hot steaming idlis with

My daughter is always a sucker for Idlis and loves it in any form. So I make a lot of the mini bite sized idlis for her for a quick breakfast option. These mini idli moulds are so amazing as they transform an otherwise mundane dish to something so exciting and allows a lot of creativity. I picked these little moulds the last time I was in India.


Idli Batter.

Mini Idli Moulds.

Oil to Grease.

3/4 cup Curd.

Cane Sugar.


  • Grease the mini idli moulds with Gingely Oil and spoon out the batter on to them.
  • Place the idli plates in the pressure cooker and set the heat on HIGH.
  • When the steam has been coming sufficiently, set the flame to SIM and keep on stove for 8 minutes. No need to add weight.
  • Switch off the cooker after 8 minutes and allow a little more time before opening the cooker.
  • Place a spoon in a little cup of water. Sprinkle water on the Idli Plates and use this spoon to scoop out the mini Idlis.
  • Take out the serving cup and add the curd. Add 2 spoons of cane sugar and mix well.
  • Pop in the cooked Idlis and serve to your kids a tasty yet healthy breakfast.

Sending a bowlful of Idlis to Srivalli for her event – Kid Friendly Event  – Kids Delight – Wholesome Breakfast.