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Rose flavoured Sno-Cones.

Icy Sno-Cone...
Icy Sno-Cone...

My daughter always enjoys Sno-Cones from the time she had it in the Ozarks ….Her favourite place of course had to be My Grandpa`s Farm on the Katy Trail,which I have already spoken about at lengths in my previous post. Today was a particularly hot day and she wanted to have it – So I decided to make my home-grown version of it….Here it goes…


6 numbers of ice cubes.

3 spoons of Roohafza

A dash of rose water.


  • Pop the 6 ice cubes in to your mixer and quickly pulse it to get coarsely ground ice.
  • Drop it in to a glass and pack it in tightly.
  • Add 2-3 spoons of Roohafza Syrup and allow it to smoothly flow in.
  • Add a dash of edible rose water and enjoy watching your child delve in to cool rose flavoured Sno-Cone.
  • Play around with other flavours like lemon, strawberry, raspberry,Cotton Candy  etc.

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