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Navarathri Neivedhyam Day 7 – Sweet Black Eyed Beans Sundal. (Vellai Karamani Vella Sundal)

Sweet Black Eye Beans Sundal.
Sweet Black Eye Beans Sundal.

Today being friday, my daughter wanted a repetition of the Sweet Sundal so we made the Black Eyed Beans cooked in jaggery. This is made very similar to the Sweet Green Gram Dal Sundal that I had previously posted.


Soak the Black Eyed Beans in water for at least 4-5 hours prior to preparation of Sundal.

Cook in the pressure cooker until you get one whistle and then reduce the heat and cook in LOW for ten minutes and then switch off.

Drain in the colander to remove any excess water and keep ready.

Follow the same procedure as in the Green Gram Dal Sundal.